Ancillary Program

As a MillerKnoll Certified Dealer, we are able to offer the Most Distinctive Ancillary Portfolio in the Industry from MillerKnoll's Collective of Design Brands.

About CWC's Ancillary Program

Ancillary products are paired together to personalize your workspace by complementing other work areas that make up your floor plan. The result is a more casual, residential feel that allows people to work however they want. This adds incredible value to your office and a competitive edge in the evolving workspace.

Our two ancillary specialists are here to assist you with your ancillary needs!

Meet two of our Ancillary Specialists!

Tamara Web

Tamara Hendrieth

Tamara works alongside with a team of experienced professionals to create unique and inspiring office environment interiors. She is known for addressing the needs of each client’s work environment. Her experience and talent bring an innovative and relatable approach to workplace design.

Neely Minor

Neely Minor

Neely comes to CWC with 13 years of professional interior design experience in the commercial furniture industry. She has been recognized throughout her career for leveraging her deep passion and innovative ideas for interior design to help achieve her client’s goals. Her primary focus has been Herman Miller (now MillerKnoll), specializing in furniture layout/design specifications and project management. She is proficient in AutoCAD, CET Designer, and other design visualization and specification tools. Neely holds a CIDA-accredited Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Interior Design and an academic minor in Business Administration from Auburn University.

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