Our Employee Owners

We are entrepreneurs, experienced, proven leaders & employee owners. CWC is 100% employee owned, so all of your team members have a vested interest to make every project a great success.

Our Principals

Scott Marshall

Kyle Ryan

Dave Randolph

Our Vice Presidents

Tamara Jenkins

Tony Nelson

Bill Thomas

Our Account Executives

Billy Brandon

Lindsay Brown

David Cantwell

John Conners

Kristen Diamond

Carmen Moore

Jack Esmonde

Holland Hamilton

Kevin Magill

John Mannino

Hamil Watson

Bill Miller

Lacee Pallini

John Pidgeon

Tom Ramsey

Bailey Rose

Scott Stevens

Amy Waters

Elizabeth Vizcarra

Ryan Zabroske

Andrea Bird

Reed Wolter

Cliff Olmstead

A&D Corporate Real Estate

Lauren Green

Scottie Thrash


Vanessa Mitchell

Amy Whitman

Reny Halverson

Dana Ham

Jin Kang

Tasha Lester

Brittany Mcgrue

Mackenzie Paller


Kathy Groves

Jeffrey Jones

Carol Lee

Rachael Amatriain

Accounting Department

Loretta Sechrest

Max Brandon

Jackie Jones

Oren Statum

Acoustic Interior Solutions

Terry Anderman

Kevin Parks

Julie Conley

Nick Royal

Jessica Manley

Jennings Williams

Business Solutions Specialists

Nick McCurdy

Lala Wellem

Sales Support Representatives

Amanda Kruger

Nick Whirley

Kaye Thebeau

Human Resources & IT

Mimi Amatruda

Chris Chaney

Project Management

Ridgely Standard

Casey Baer

David Culley

Carla Fletcher


Felipe Dumit

Ale Rojas

Angie Blackwelder

Tabias Dewitt

Victoria Cook

Will Mahone

Jimmy Arnold

Felipe Mejia

Torick Carrington

Chito Gutierrez

Stewart Bowman

Alonzo Gomez

Hernan Gonzalez

Duane Harris

Marvin Lowe

Ray Solis

Raushan Threats

Edwin Quiroz

Ernesto Velarde

Jose Salas

Kerry Owens

Luis Rodriguez

Tony Marshall

Paul Taylor

“Partnering with CWC over the last several years to help us with our campus redesign has been nothing short of remarkable. The knowledge for their products always impresses myself and the team and their ability to provide solutions is industry-leading.”
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Chick-fil-A Campus Design and Construction
“The team at CWC was extremely professional, organized and on time with product delivery and installation. Follow up service has been exceptional and has made my job easier.”
Invesco Dixie Ann Hanes | Director Corporate Properties
“The project for InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), required speed, flexibility and creativity to meet the goals of the client. I always look for creativity regardless of speed and budget. CWC provided that creativity in line with all of the other parameters involved in making it one of the most creative and fun projects that I’ve been a part of. CWC responded to the design concepts and the client’s needs in shaping IHG’s award winning space. We had a rockstar team for the project and the results are evident.”
Henrick Inc. Chris Heard | Principal

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