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Muscogee County School District - Columbus, Georgia

CWC is proud to be the vendor of choice for Muscogee's project. CWC’s mission is to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations and we are pleased to have had that opportunity with Muscogee.

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This 96,000 square foot, three-story building serves as the new headquarters for the Muscogee County School District, consolidating multiple departments previously scattered throughout the city of Columbus, into one building. This Neoclassical design with cast stone masonry as a predominant material redefines the urban fabric of the Midtown Columbus neighborhood and complements the architecture of the adjacent Columbus Public Library.

Architect: Hecht Bradshaw Architects Inc.

Contractor: Brasfield Gorrie

Number of Square Feet: 96,000

Number of Floors: 3

Project Scope: Workstations, Private Offices, Conference Rooms, Reception/Waiting Rooms, Training/Clerical/Testing Areas, Board Rooms

Photography Credit: Scott Wang Photography, Inc.

“Dealing with you and CWC has been a pleasure... you always displayed a willingness to corporate and above all, to exercise patience. ”
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Muscogee County School District Robert G. Hecht | Director of Construction

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