CWC has enjoyed working with Chick-fil-A and Smallwood Reynolds for more than ten years on various Chick-fil-A Corporate Headquarter projects.

Chick fil A HQ 26

Our relationship with Chick-fil-A (CFA) is built upon shared values and integrity. Much like CWC and Herman Miller, Chick-fil-A (CFA) truly understands how their employees’ happiness in the workplace directly influences productivity. CWC installed and is currently servicing nearly 80 percent of CFA’s floorplan at the Main Campus in Atlanta. CWC is also a sole-source for some of CFA’s subsidiaries throughout the country, including CFA’s West Coast Headquarters in California. As one of the initial adopters of the Canvas Office Landscape product in the Atlanta Market, CFA has experienced first-hand the flexibility, longevity, simple kit of parts, and quality that the Canvas product provides. In addition to product solutions and services, we also partner with CFA to provide insight and research around workplace strategy. As CFA’s collective partner, our knowledge sharing has included several trips to Herman Miller’s West Michigan Headquarters.

Design Firm: Smallwood Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates

Products Provided:

Herman Miller Canvas Office, Renew Link Benching, Public Office, Aeron Chairs, Mirra 2 Chairs, Setu Chairs, Renew and Motia Height Adjustable Tables, ergonomic tools, and a vast array of ancillary products.

Photography Credit: Eric Laignel - New York, New York

“Partnering with CWC over the last several years to help us with our campus redesign has been nothing short of remarkable. The knowledge for their products always impresses myself and the team and their ability to provide solutions is industry-leading.”
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