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CWC offers office soundproofing solutions for workplaces in Atlanta, GA, Florida, and throughout the Southeast.


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Through the years, the team at CWC Office Furnishings has heard time and time again from businesses experiencing problems with excessive office noise. Open-style layouts, poor acoustics, and other factors have facilitated high noise levels that make it difficult for people to focus on their work, hurting their productivity and job satisfaction as a result.

For this reason, we established CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions, a division of CWC Office Furnishings that’s dedicated exclusively to addressing noise-related challenges. CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions utilizes a variety of proven office soundproofing systems, each professionally installed to ensure optimal results for the businesses we serve in Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout the southeastern United States.

Modular walls do an excellent job of preventing noise from traveling between spaces, making it easier for people to focus on their work without distraction and hold private meetings without speech privacy concerns. CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions is proud to partner with Maars, an esteemed manufacturer known for producing modular walls that combine elegant aesthetics with high-level office soundproofing.

Acoustic panels are a tried-and-true solution for reducing excessive office noise. The panels, which are commonly made from materials such as fiberglass wrapped in fabric, help to absorb sound rather than allow it to reverberate throughout your workplace. Our wide selection of panel colors and patterns ensures you can select acoustic panels that will not only bring your noise-related problems under control, but will also look appealing in your workplace.

The concept of sound masking may seem complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. Sound-masking systems release unstructured sound that makes it difficult to understand and be distracted by nearby speech. We offer sound-masking systems made by trusted manufacturers such as Lencore to ensure that our clients receive the best office soundproofing solution for their needs.

In many cases, hard surfaces in a workplace can contribute significantly to excessive noise levels. In these situations, noise-reducing flooring such as carpet tiles can help tremendously to dampen sound and create a more acoustically pleasant work environment.

Is excessive office noise causing problems for your business? If so, then don’t put this problem off any longer. Contact CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions today to learn more about the office soundproofing systems we offer to businesses in metro Atlanta, GA, the state of Florida and throughout the southeastern United States.

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