Maximizing Your Investment

Furniture Investment Is More Than Just Price “Think like a customer and exceed those expectations.” CWC customers expect the same quality, experience and service they receive from CWC AFTER their project is completed. We exceed that expectation by aligning ourselves with leaders in industries that help to maximize their investment of furniture.

CWC is making an investment to ensure our clients are satisfied with their furniture investment before, during and after their projects. Maximize your investment through available CWC services. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is CWC’s mission.

CWC & Herman MillerValue-added services available to customers of CWC and Herman Miller.

Future Pull Workshops
Conducted by Herman Miller…aimed at helping customers envision their ideal office environment.

Workplace Change Communication
When customers change their work environment, employees have questions. Working with Herman Miller, CWC provides a communication program of what’s going to happen, when and why. This service benefits customers by getting buy-in from their employees, which assists in making a smooth transition to their new work environment.

Ergonomic Training
Herman Miller is a leader in research aimed at helping office workers interact efficiently and safely with the tools of work. Customers of CWC are offered training and consulting services to help them apply ergonomic principles to their workplace.

Asset Strategy and Management
Herman Miller and CWC provide customer assistance in formulating an asset strategy that guides how clients manage workplace assets throughout their life cycle.

CWC & Herman MillerE-Business Services
Working with Herman Miller, CWC gives our customers access to an array of e-business capabilities. From electronic procurement to seating adjustment videos, the menu of content provides additional value to its customers.

Customized Website
A CWC customer has the benefit of accessing the capabilities of Herman Miller to create a custom website with content that is specific to their organization.

As you can see, the benefits of being a CWC customer go beyond just the price of your furniture investment. A CWC customer not only receives high quality products that are built to last, but also a commitment to seek a long term partnership where we work to solve real problems within the workplace and make a contribution to our customers’ success.

Effective workplaces are about more than just the parts and pieces of furniture that arrive within your spaces. Great places to work are also the result of individual, organizational and facilities performance. CWC is committed to meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations by offering services to maximize and sustain their workspaces. Contact us to learn more about these value-added services.

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