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CWC is a MillerKnoll Certified Dealer for the Metro Atlanta and Southeast markets. Along with our partners across North America, we’re committed to providing consistent, high-quality, and expert service to help you create the spaces you need to achieve your business goals and Empower Your Space for your employees.

Empowered spaces inspire people to feel productive and happy. At CWC, we’ve assembled all the right tools to Empower Your Space:

  • The stability of a strong market leader
  • A team of 100% Employee-Owners curated for projects big and small
  • In-depth knowledge of the latest trends and technology
  • Proven reliability based on actual measurements

When spaces perform, they empower people to perform.

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CWC is 100% employee-owned, as we invested in 2018 in an employee stock ownership plan. CWC, as an ESOP, allows our over 95+ employees the opportunity to be awarded stock based on various performance factors. Our physical employee base comprises a diverse Black, Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian, & LGBTQ representation. This diversity is in our Executive Vice President Leadership Positions, Upper Managerial Positions, Support Systems, and Operational sides of our company.

CWC's 100% Employee Ownership means each team member is hand-selected for your project, working as your advocate and creating a seamless team extension. Each Employee Owner will put their unique expertise thumbprint on your project.

Our diverse employee stock ownership encourages a corporate culture of working together as employee owners for the overall good of CWC and its clients.

Committed to Long-Term Service


CWC is the creative force behind some of the most prestigious offices throughout Atlanta and the southeast. We have worked with clients like you to create work environments that Empower Your Space by increasing productivity, enriching workplace culture, and enhancing what is possible for your company’s vision and team members. CWC's reputation for providing quality office furniture solutions and unparalleled service has remained its focus since it first opened its doors as a small stationery and supply company in 1929.

For over 90 years, CWC has been in business and has earned a reputation as a safe, sound, and financially stable office furniture dealership. When you partner with us, you get partners who, like you, value people. Your goals are our focus.

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Historic Reliability

As Atlanta’s work environment leader, every day, in every way, your organization works to prove value. So do we.

MillerKnoll’s Performance System results in on-time, damage-free, error-free, and complete delivery at a historic 99.8% of the time. Plus, with our dedicated installation team and fleet of 13 trucks and vans, CWC delivers the goods—rating 99.4% in customer satisfaction.

When you work with CWC and MillerKnoll, you get partners who, like you, value people. For you, that means we work wonders to ensure your project is developed, shipped, and installed, to Empower Your Space how and when you expect it. Your priorities are our focus, from how we run our businesses to how we view the future of work. That is another strength of our relationship as a MillerKnoll Certified Dealer.

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About MillerKnoll’s Certified Dealer Network

The network's reach—whose membership includes many dealers operating out of more than 240 locations across North America—enables CWC to handle projects of all sizes, even those covering multiple locations. So no matter how complex or expansive your project may be, we can provide you with a single resource—one point of contact, one contract, one invoice—for a fully-coordinated and seamless process. And because all MillerKnoll’s Certified Dealers must meet the exact rigorous requirements to earn and maintain our network affiliation, you can be sure that CWC and our fellow member dealers across North America will consistently perform to your expectations.

As a MillerKnoll Certified Dealer, our shared technology capabilities, such as our Service Net Program, helps us coordinate dealer activity across markets. Through our customer satisfaction service system, customers or clients give us valuable feedback on the work we do for you, delivering consistent levels of service.

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“As the leader of our company I believe it is critical to ensure proper alignment with vendors who in their own industry are acknowledged as leaders. From what I have seen and heard I believe Nioxin and CWC have found that type of synergy and we look forward to years of business together.”
Nioxin (Atlanta) Brian Graham | CEO
“The project for InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), required speed, flexibility and creativity to meet the goals of the client. I always look for creativity regardless of speed and budget. CWC provided that creativity in line with all of the other parameters involved in making it one of the most creative and fun projects that I’ve been a part of. CWC responded to the design concepts and the client’s needs in shaping IHG’s award winning space. We had a rockstar team for the project and the results are evident.”
Henrick Inc. Chris Heard | Principal
“Troutman’s team partnered with Herman Miller for a couple of reasons: The quality of Herman Miller’s products, The breadth of Herman Miller’s capabilities, The customer support Herman Miller was able to offer. On all three, Herman Miller has not disappointed. This relationship has been a true partnership, and I feel like I can rely on the Herman Miller team to help me find the best ways to accomplish my firm’s goals.”
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Troutman Sanders Director, Real Estate and Facilities

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