Why Herman Miller Is the Preferred Office Furniture Manufacturer for Many Businesses

When furnishing work environments, businesses have many premium office furniture manufacturers to choose from. However, Herman Miller stands unique in the minds of many customers, and for good reason. Founded in 1905, the company has a long, prestigious history marked by constant innovation. Consider, for instance, that in the 1960s it was Herman Miller that invented the cubicle, a staple of the modern workplace. Or, look at the prevalence of the Eames recliner and ottoman to understand the widespread appeal of Herman Miller’s minimalistic designs.

In more recent years, Herman Miller has set itself apart by designing furniture based on intensive research into the needs of modern employees. The Aeron chair, introduced in the 1990s, became the gold standard for ergonomic office seating. Today, Herman Miller continues to help businesses create dynamic work environments through the manufacturer’s Living Office philosophy. This approach to furnishing workplaces takes into account the various modes of work that people perform and recommends creating unique environments to accommodate each mode. For instance, a “hive” generally groups workstations together so that employees can complete projects in a collaborative environment, while a “haven” is a semi-sheltered space that’s more amenable to individual work. Businesses looking to boost employee productivity and morale can work with Herman Miller dealers to create work environments that adhere to these Living Office principles.

CWC Office Furnishings Offers a Comprehensive Selection of Herman Miller Furniture

If you’re looking to furnish a new office space or would like to upgrade your existing office furniture, turn to the experts at CWC Office Furnishings. As a Certified Herman Miller Network Dealer that has served businesses in this area since 1929, we have the broad product selection and expertise required to pair you with the ideal Herman Miller furniture for your business.

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