The Name Nemschoff Is Synonymous with Quality

As anyone with significant knowledge of the healthcare furniture industry can tell you, Nemschoff is a company that sets the standards for other manufacturers of medical furnishings to meet. The brand produces a wide variety of lounge seating, patient chairs, occasional tables, overbed tables, casegoods, and caregiver stools, all crafted with a meticulous focus on comfort, functionality, and durability.

Nemschoff’s distinguished legacy dates back to 1950, when the company was founded. After quickly earning a reputation for performing forward-thinking design work, Nemschoff established itself as a respected provider of institutional furniture early on. In 1957, the company entered the healthcare furniture industry, in which it continued to innovate.

After spending decades producing some of the finest healthcare furniture available, Nemschoff was acquired by Herman Miller in 2009. This acquisition has greatly broadened Nemschoff’s reach in helping to furnish healthcare environments throughout the United States and around the globe.

An Example of Excellence

The best way to appreciate Nemschoff’s design prowess is to examine the quality of the furniture it produces. Consider, for example, the Sahara Recliner — a patient chair featuring pneumatic controls that let users sit upright, partially recline, or lie all the way back. The chair features a variety of noteworthy components that are emblematic of Nemschoff’s design excellence, including:

  • Parts that are mechanically fastened (instead of being held on by glue or screws) so that they can be replaced by the customer on site, if needed, to extend the lifespan of the furniture
  • Hidden clean-out gaps that provide a space to push crumbs and other materials through for easier cleaning
  • Wall-saver protective edges on the chair’s back and rear legs to prevent damage to furniture or walls if they come into contact
  • Upholstery customization that enables healthcare organizations to combine colors and patterns as desired and incorporate extra-durable fabrics on the sections of the chair where they would be the most useful, such as the headrest and seat

We’re Your Source for Nemschoff Furniture

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