CWC understands healthcare facilities needs going from the front door to the back door…

CWC evidence based design solutions are focused on the new ideas in patient care.  These solutions focus on the benefits of creating furnishings that reduce staff stress and fatigue while being effective in delivering care, providing patient safety and reducing patient and family stress.  Our healthcare solutions also deliver compatible/interchangeable components that can be combined in different ways and easily reconfigured to improve productivity with little or no capital expenditure.  These solutions are designed to withstand the 24/7 use that is necessary within the healthcare environment.

Our sales professionals are specialists in providing the answers and solutions for today’s healthcare and workplace issues.  They know and understand healthcare integrated facilities.  They work to assist in selecting healthcare office furniture solutions that not only focus on the patient but also the care giver and the family and friends that support the patient.  All of this ultimately leads to shorter stays, healthier patients and a satisfied care staff!

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