Add Standing Desks to Your Workplace in Augusta, GA

Show your employees that you care about their health and well-being by providing them with adjustable sit/stand desks.

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The Benefits of Sit/Stand Desks

Most companies need to have their employees working at desks throughout the day, and chances are that your Augusta, Georgia, business is the same in this regard. For this reason, it can seem unavoidable to have people sitting for long periods in your workplace, even though recent research has consistently shown the health risks this kind of sedentary lifestyle entails.

Fortunately, standing desks provide a solution to this conundrum. These desks feature built-in motors that will raise or lower the work surface between standing and sitting heights so that users can work while standing for part of the day. If you would like to help your employees stay more active by providing them with sit/stand desks, turn to CWC Office Furnishings. As an office furniture dealership known for offering the most innovative products available, we’re an excellent source for standing desks made by top brands such as Herman Miller.

We Offer the Finest Standing Desks Available

What makes our standing desks stand out? For starters, although all of their controlling mechanisms vary, our desks all feature exceptionally simple control systems that allow users to transition between sitting and standing with the press of a button. Furthermore, the desks have quiet motors that enable users to adjust the height of their work surface without bothering others around them.

Finally, our standing desks are praised for their sleek design. Since we source our products from renowned manufacturers that emphasize minimalism and clean lines, our sit/stand desks have a contemporary aesthetic that can help express your company’s embrace of the cutting edge.

Take the First Step Toward a More Active Workday

Interested in learning more about how your workforce can benefit from using standing desks? Contact CWC Office Furnishings today or visit our showroom in Augusta, GA.