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CWC Office Furnishings is an office furniture dealership with a long and distinguished history of furnishing the most prestigious work environments in Chattanooga.

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Our Trusted Team Can Furnish Your Entire Workplace

Your workplace in Chattanooga, Tennessee, says a lot about your business. If sensibly furnished, it will indicate that your business is successful, has good taste, and cares about the people working there.

To acquire office furniture that will create this kind of positive impression, turn to CWC Office Furnishings. We’re a Herman Miller dealer, and we have extensive experience furnishing workplaces for organizations involved in healthcare, finance, marketing, education, and other industries. Drawing from our comprehensive selection of office furniture made by leading manufacturers, we’ll pair you with the perfect furniture for all sections of your workplace, including:

Reception Areas

As the first part of your office that people will see, your reception area should help create a positive impression. The space should look appealing and comfortably accommodate the number of people you’ll have waiting there at any given time.

Working with CWC Office Furnishings, you can create a reception area that has the “wow” factor you desire. We’ll recommend the following waiting room furniture based on your functional needs and aesthetic preferences:

  • Reception counters
  • Lobby chairs
  • Occasional tables

Main Work Spaces

Since your employees likely spend most of their time in your primary work spaces, you want to select furniture that will set them up for success. We have several types of office furniture you might choose, such as:

Furthermore, we offer ergonomic task chairs from leading manufacturers such as Herman Miller. These chairs feature many adjustable settings that allow users to conform the chairs to their unique body type and posture. This way, they can avoid the back and neck pain that so commonly plagues people who work at desks throughout the day.

Private Offices

Your executives need private offices that will facilitate productive individual work as well as small meetings. To create these versatile work environments, we offer:

  • Desk sets
  • Bookshelves
  • Executive seating
  • Guest seating

Conference Rooms

The success of a company is determined in large part by the quality of the meetings it holds. Just as we have done for countless other businesses, we’ll help equip your company to conduct productive group discussions by providing you with top-quality office furniture specially selected for your needs:

  • Conference tables
  • Credenzas
  • Conference chairs
  • Mobile whiteboards


As an employer, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of creating a space where your employees can comfortably eat lunch or pause for a moment of downtime. To create this kind of space, which can provide a major boost to employee morale, turn to CWC Office Furnishings. We offer:

  • Standard-height tables
  • Counter-height tables
  • Sofas
  • Stools
  • Stackable chairs

Let’s Begin Planning Your Ideal Work Environment

With a project as important as furnishing your workplace, you don’t want to select just any office furniture from just any dealership. Partner with CWC Office Furnishings to receive premium-quality furniture, expert support services, and outstanding results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your business in Chattanooga, TN.