Healthcare Furniture for Facilities in Atlanta, GA

CWC Office Furnishings is a Herman Miller dealer with in-depth experience furnishing hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other medical centers.

Receive Premium-Quality Medical Furniture & Expert Support

As a healthcare provider, you need the furniture in your facility to meet certain criteria. For example, the furniture must fit your approach to patient care, allow for easy sanitization, and withstand rigorous use.

By these measures, the healthcare furniture offered by CWC Office Furnishings in Atlanta, Georgia, will provide an excellent return on your investment. Since we exclusively source our furniture from renowned brands such as Herman Miller, you can count on receiving medical furniture that truly benefits your staff and patients.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the products in our selection as well as many years of experience furnishing healthcare centers. So, beyond simply helping you compare your product options, we can provide you with advice on furniture strategies that have worked well for healthcare organizations similar to yours.

Explore Our Expansive Selection

Given the choice, you undoubtedly would prefer to acquire all of your healthcare furniture from one trusted provider rather than make multiple purchases from different dealerships. We understand, and for this reason, we offer an array of medical furniture to choose from. Our selection includes many excellent options in:

Reception Furniture

We’ll provide all of the reception furniture your organization needs to welcome patients in an efficient manner. Our extensive selection of reception counters, waiting room chairs, and occasional tables includes many options that will likely suit the layout, appearance, and function of your space.

Nurses’ Stations

Your staff likely uses your nurses’ stations for dispensing medication, entering records, storing files, and many other activities. So, it’s crucial to obtain healthcare furniture that’s properly configured for the way your team intends to use it. We offer nurses’ stations that have reconfigurable work surfaces, power and data ports, and storage space, ensuring that we can set up the furniture exactly the way you want it.

Patient Chairs

Smartly designed patient chairs benefit both your medical staff and your patients. Patients can enjoy a comfortable place to sit with multiple reclining options, as well as a built-in tray for eating meals and writing. Furthermore, patient recliners can benefit your medical staff by providing lockable wheels, push bars, and removable cushions that make many of their day-to-day responsibilities easier to perform.

Medical Cabinets

In order to effectively serve patients, your staff needs to have medical supplies available within arm’s reach. To properly equip your team, CWC Office Furnishings can provide anything from individual, freestanding medical cabinets to large casework units that include overheard cabinets to maximize your available storage space.

For More Information

To learn more about the healthcare furniture in our selection and the many ways that we can assist your organization, contact CWC Office Furnishings today. We proudly serve a variety of healthcare providers in Atlanta, GA, and throughout the surrounding communities.