A Stand Up Desk Will Help Your Employee in Atlanta or Athens, GA, Stay Healthy and Energized

Stand up Desk Atlanta GAWhen you purchase a stand up desk for an employee at your Atlanta or Athens, Georgia, office, you’re investing in their health and well-being. Studies have consistently shown that regularly sitting for prolonged periods of time – as is the norm in the modern workplace – can lead to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and even early death. But, an adjustable height desk from CWC Office Furnishings will allow your employee to complete some of their work while standing, helping them stay fit. Plus, many people find that they are more creative and energized when they’re working on their feet, and this increased productivity will benefit your bottom line.

As one of Atlanta’s top office furniture dealerships, CWC Office Furnishings is your best source for a stand up desk. We offer a wide selection of standing desks, including options with various height ranges, weight capacities, and networking hookups, so you’ll have no problem finding one with the functionality you need. And, we’re proud to say that we are the only dealership in this area displaying the Stir Kinetic Desk in our showroom. Designed by a former Apple engineer who helped invent the first iPod, this innovative stand up desk features a built-in touchscreen and thermal sensor, which allows it to:

  • Raise to standing height with two light taps on its touchscreen, so you can transition to a standing position without losing your train of thought
  • Remember the settings you’ve used in the past, so it will automatically raise to the ideal height every time
  • Track the amount of time you’ve spent standing and the number of calories that you’ve burned, so you can gauge how healthy your habits have been
  • Will even gently “nudge” you to stand if you haven’t in a while by slightly raising and lowering the desk surface

To help a member of your Atlanta or Athens, GA, staff stay healthy with a stand up desk, contact CWC Office Furnishings today.