What Type of Medical Table Do You Need for Your Healthcare Facility in Atlanta, GA?

Medical Table Atlanta GAIf you need a medical table in Atlanta, Georgia, turn to the healthcare furniture specialists at CWC Office Furnishings. We proudly serve hospitals, private practices, and specialized treatment centers throughout the area. With CWC Office Furnishings, you can rest assured that you will receive premium furniture that is suited to your specific needs. Because our team is highly experienced at serving healthcare clients, we can help you perform a needs assessment and recommend medical table options accordingly.

We offer many different types of medical tables for your healthcare center in Atlanta, GA, including:

  • Exam tables – These tables have backrests that can be adjusted manually or electronically, so patients can sit upright or lie down as needed. Lockable cabinets and drawers underneath the tabletop give you space for storing medical supplies.
  • Echocardiogram tables – These tables are specially designed for the needs of sonographers. Sections of this medical table drop down to provide easy access to the patient.
  • Vascular tables – If you need to perform a vascular scan, these tables can angle the patient’s body upright, so you can place the person in the proper position.
  • Women’s imaging tables – These tables have stirrups and adjustable backrests that are suitable for many types of women’s imaging.

Contact CWC Office Furnishings today to find the right medical table for your healthcare center in Atlanta, GA. You can also visit our 178,000-square-foot showroom facility to speak with our representatives in person.