Do You Need School Lockers in or near Atlanta, GA? Look to CWC Office Furnishings

Lockers Atlanta GACWC Office Furnishings offers a wide variety of lockers for educational institutions in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. Our selection includes locker furniture for hallways, classrooms, gymnasiums, and many other spaces within schools. These locker systems are available in single-tier or double-tier designs that range in the number of lockers per unit, ensuring that you can find the right option for the number of students you must accommodate in your Atlanta, GA, facility.

Made by leading brands, our lockers have these useful features:

  • Ventilated doors that let air circulate within the lockers, keeping the inside space cooler and discouraging mold growth
  • Recessed handles that help prevent padlocks from damaging the locker doors
  • Hooks inside the lockers that can be used for hanging bags, coats, and other items
  • Locker hinges that are specially designed to keep fingers from being pinched
  • Sloped tops that prevent dust accumulation and deter people from storing items on top of the locker unit

When you shop at CWC Office Furnishings, deciding between all your locker furniture options will be easy. Unlike dealerships that only offer school furniture as a minor part of their business, we have furnished a wide variety of schools since our founding in 1929, demonstrating that we have the quality furniture and helpful support services needed to make your furniture acquisition project a success.

For premium lockers and much more, contact CWC Office Furnishings today. We would be happy to talk with you over the phone about your needs, or schedule a time for you to visit our expansive showroom located at 4343 Northeast Expressway in Atlanta, GA. In addition to locker furniture, we offer desks, seating, library shelves, study carrels, lecterns, and virtually any other furnishings you could need for your educational facility.