Are You Looking for Lab Stools in Atlanta, GA?

Lab Stools Atlanta GALab stools are used in medical facilities throughout Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond. These stools let workers move from one workstation to another with ease. At CWC Office Furnishings, we offer a wide variety of premium laboratory stools, including short stools without backrests and taller models that have special ergonomic features. Because we offer these stools in many different colors and styles, you can easily select an option that will look appealing in your laboratory in Atlanta, GA.

The benefits of our lab stools include:

  • Ergonomic features – We offer stools that are designed to help users maintain a proper posture, so they can avoid the neck and back pain that people often experience when they work while seated for long hours.
  • Durability – Our lab stools are made of tough materials that will withstand intensive use, so you will receive excellent value for your dollar.
  • Adjustable controls – Users can adjust our stools’ height, seat tilt, and backrest tilt, so the stool will suit their body type and posture, and they can sit comfortably throughout the day.

To learn more about our lab stools, contact CWC Office Furnishings today. If you need other furniture, ask about the many other types of lab furnishings we offer. CWC Office Furnishings is a full-service furniture dealership that has proudly served businesses in Atlanta, GA, since 1929. We have an expansive, 178,000-square-foot showroom facility located at 4343 Northeast Expressway.