Find the Ideal Hospital Beds for Your Healthcare Facility in Columbus, GA

Hospital Beds Columbus GAThe hospital beds you choose for your medical facility in Columbus, Georgia, will directly affect your patients more than any other piece of furniture you purchase. Since your patients will potentially spend a significant amount of time in them, the beds you choose will play a huge part in determining patients’ comfort level while they receive treatment and recover. Your hospital beds also must keep your patients safe, with side rails helping to keep them from falling out of bed. So, when you make this important purchase for your hospital, specialized treatment facility, or nursing home, look to a dealership with a proven track record for pairing healthcare providers with the ideal medical furniture – CWC Office Furnishings.

While the vast number of hospital beds on the market may make the purchase seem daunting, we’ll simplify the process for you. We’ll ask all of the right questions to make sure we understand your approach to patient care so we can guide you toward the ideal beds for your facility in Columbus, GA. Benefits of our beds include:

  • Adjustable inclines – Whether your patients need to elevate their head or feet for comfort or out of medical necessity, our beds will enable them to angle their bodies at the ideal positions.
  • Easy-to-use controls – With our hospital beds, your patients will find it easy to adjust the incline of the bed with the controls at the side rails, while your staff can utilize advanced controls at the footboard to set the side rail positions, brake settings, bed height, and more.
  • Medical alerts – Some of our beds even feature advanced notification systems, which will alert your staff members when a patient has moved from a designated position in the center of the bed.

Whether you need 10 hospital beds or 100, CWC Office Furnishings can provide the ideal solutions for your medical facility in Columbus, GA. To discuss your needs, contact us today.