Why Purchase a Geriatric Chair for Your Patients in Chattanooga, TN?

Geriatric Chair Chattanooga TNChoosing the right type of geriatric chair is crucial to helping elderly patients sit comfortably when they receive treatment at your medical facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. These chairs are specially designed to meet the needs of patients with limited mobility and the medical staff members who provide them treatment. A typical geriatric chair will have a padded back, seat, and arm rests that ensure a patient will be comfortable while he or she sits in the chair. These chairs also often have a built-in tray that lets patients eat meals in the chair or perform other activities that require a stable, flat surface.

If you need a geriatric chair for your healthcare facility in Chattanooga, TN, turn to CWC Office Furnishings. Our geriatric chairs offer many benefits, including:

  • Adjustability– By choosing a chair that lets patients sit upright, with their legs elevated, or in a full recline, you can use the chair in a greater number of situations.
  • Easy cleaning – Non-porous surfaces help maintain a sanitary environment. From the chair’s upholstery to its frame, the components of your geriatric chair will be easy to wipe down.
  • Convenient mobility – Well-engineered, lockable casters let you move patients where they are needed and then secure the chair in place.

While you may feel overwhelmed by the number of geriatric chairs you have to choose from, we can simplify the acquisition process and ensure you get a chair that suits your specific needs. Drawing upon our extensive experience serving healthcare clients, we will help you perform a needs assessment and recommend chairs accordingly.

To find chairs that will help you treat your patients as effectively as possible, contact CWC Office Furnishings and learn more about the geriatric chair options we offer in Chattanooga, TN.