Drafting Table Options for Businesses in Atlanta, GA

Drafting Table Atlanta GACWC Office Furnishings offers many drafting table options for businesses in Atlanta, Georgia, that have employees who regularly work with large documents. We serve architectural firms, fashion design shops, school art programs, and other organizations that complete extensive illustration work, helping them select the ideal drafting table options for the specific work that their employees perform. Some notable features of our drafting tables include:

  • Adjustable controls – Users can set the desk’s surface at the perfect height and angle for their body type and the work they perform, so they can avoid the neck and back strain they might experience sitting at a fixed-height table.
  • Durable components – Our tables have tough, scratch-resistant surfaces that will withstand year after year of rigorous use without suffering damage.
  • Organizational features – Drawers under the drafting table, slide-up pencil trays, and other accessories will help members of your team keep their important supplies within reach.

We can also supply drafting stools that will help your team members in Atlanta, GA, sit comfortably while they work at the drafting tables. Designed by leading manufacturers such as Herman Miller, these stools feature many ergonomic components as well as sophisticated aesthetics that will complement any office décor.

To find drafting table options your employees can use to comfortably complete their work, contact CWC Office Furnishings today. You can also visit our 178,000-square-foot showroom facility in Atlanta, GA, to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives in person.