Do You Need a Drafting Chair for Your Workplace in Chattanooga, TN?

Drafting Chair Chattanooga TNWith a drafting chair from CWC Office Furnishings, you can sit comfortably at a drafting table or standing-height desk in your Chattanooga, Tennessee, workplace. While an ordinary office chair will not raise very high, you can adjust a drafting chair or stool to sit at the tall height you want. This makes these chairs the seating option of choice for workers at many architectural firms, fashion design studios, and school art programs in Chattanooga, TN, who want a way to sit comfortably while performing illustration work or reviewing large documents.

One excellent example of a top-quality drafting stool is the Aeron stool from Herman Miller. Designed with the same ergonomic features as the acclaimed Aeron chair, this stool makes it easy to sit at a raised height comfortably. Some of the notable features of the Aeron stool include:

  • A seat and back that will evenly distribute users’ weight so they can sit comfortably throughout the day
  • A foot rest that users can conveniently adjust with their feet while seated
  • A stylish design that will look appealing in any workplace
  • Many options for the chair’s finish and mesh or leather upholstery

In addition to a drafting chair, we can also supply any type of drafting table or standing-height desk you need. Since our founding in 1929, we’ve served many businesses that perform drafting and illustration work, so we have both the furniture selection and expertise needed to pair you with the perfect furniture for your business.

To find the right type of drafting chair for your workplace, contact CWC Office Furnishings today. Or, simply stop by our showroom in downtown Chattanooga, TN.