Your Best Source for Critical Care Beds in Atlanta, GA, is CWC Office Furnishings

Critical Care Beds Atlanta GACritical care beds play an important part in keeping patients comfortable while they receive treatment and recover. If you need quality hospital beds for your medical facility in Atlanta, Georgia, turn to the region’s premier healthcare furniture dealership: CWC Office Furnishings.

Our hospital beds are designed with a wide range of useful features, such as:

  • Side rails that will help keep patients from falling out of the bed and also provide them with something to hold on to as they move in or out of the bed
  • Adjustable back rests that let patients sit in the position that’s most comfortable for them or that’s ideal for the procedure being performed
  • A feature-rich touchscreen controller that will enable your medical staff to efficiently adjust many settings on the bed
  • Nonporous surfaces that can easily be cleaned to maintain a sanitary environment
  • Remote monitoring technology that will notify your medical staff if a patient has moved beyond a predetermined area in the bed, helping to ensure patient safety

In addition to critical care beds, CWC Office Furnishings can supply furniture for virtually any other space in your medical facility in Atlanta, GA. We offer seating for waiting rooms, nurses’ stations for treatment areas, tables for cafeterias, and much more. Since we offer such a wide selection, we’re able to provide you with all the furniture you need to ensure that your facility has a consistent, appealing appearance throughout all areas.

Contact CWC Office Furnishings today for more information on the critical care beds and other healthcare furniture we offer for medical providers in and around Atlanta, GA.