Music Room Furniture for Schools in Chattanooga, TN

Music Room Furniture Chattanooga TNCWC Office Furnishings can provide music room furniture that looks appealing and meets the unique needs of music instructors and students in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Whether you’re searching for a particular piece of furniture or you need to furnish a room from scratch, CWC Office Furnishings can provide virtually all the furniture you need to create a dynamic environment for teaching students about music.

Our selection of music room furniture includes:

  • Chairs – We offer many types of molded plastic chairs that are comfortable to sit on while playing musical instruments.
  • Chair dollies – These dollies hold stackable chairs, allowing you to easily move the chairs in and out of storage as needed.
  • Whiteboards – We offer blank whiteboards as well as ones that have music staff lines on them. You will be able to choose between whiteboards that mount on the wall and mobile ones that can be moved around with ease.
  • Storage lockers – You can choose from many sizes and styles of storage lockers for storing instruments. Many of them have a modular design that lets you line up the units side by side.
  • Lecterns – Our lecterns come in many different designs to suit your needs and complement the look of your music room in Chattanooga, TN.
  • Teacher desks – We offer straight or L-shaped desks in many sizes. You can choose between desks that have one or two pedestals depending on the amount of storage space you need.

To choose from many excellent types of music room furniture, contact CWC Office Furnishings today. We would be pleased to talk with you about your needs and help you compare the different products we offer for your school in Chattanooga, TN.