These Cubicle Features Can Benefit Your Business

As you’re shopping for cubicles, you’re undoubtedly comparing the various sizes, configurations, and styles that are available. While these certainly are important attributes to consider, make sure to also determine how your business could benefit from some of the special cubicle features that manufacturers offer. Examples of these useful features include:

Plentiful Power & Data Ports

Almost all workers in the modern workplace need to have a computer and monitor connected at their workspace. Tech-oriented employees such as developers may also need an additional monitor and other devices that must be plugged in. Fortunately, cubicles that include numerous power and data ports can accommodate this technology with ease.

Cushioned Mobile Pedestals

Cubicle pedestals that provide lots of storage space are great. Do you know what’s even better? Mobile cubicle pedestals that can also double as guest seating. While it would be impractical to outfit every cubicle in your office with a guest chair, each cubicle can have a mobile pedestal that tucks away under the cubicle’s work surface. Then, the pedestal can be pulled out and used in the spur of the moment when a colleague stops by to have a discussion or collaborate on a project.

Wall Panels that Accommodate Hanging Organizers

Some cubicles come with panels that have horizontal ridges your employees can use to attach file organizers, pen holders, and other storage features. Cubicles that have these special panels are nice not only because they provide organizational space without taking up any of the flat work surface, but also because they are highly customizable, enabling individual workers to set up the organizers in the fashion that works best for them.

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