Project Management

We continue to strengthen and enhance our superior service levels in all facets of our business. At CWC our mission is to think like a customer and exceed those expectations. For real customer empathy, we felt we needed a true customer mindset to run our major projects when we developed our Project Management department in 1997.

CWC continues to raise the service level of project management with the addition of Ridgeley Standard as Director of Project Management. A 20+ year veteran of the contract furniture industry, Ridgeley has worked within a variety of disciplines including sales support, operations, and project management. Her diverse experience gives her a unique understanding of what is required in all phases of a project to ensure a successful project execution.

Our project management team provides services such as:

  • Project Scheduling/Tracking
  • Managing Project Flow
  • Coordination of Manufacturer Deliveries
  • Coordination with Clients and Designers
  • Prepare Detailed Punchlists
  • Move Management
  • Facility Services (on-site)

Daniel Wonders

Carla Fletcher

Casey Baer

David Culley

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