Noise Reducing Modular Flooring

Modular Flooring Solutions For Office Noise

While hard materials can look stylish, they can also cause significant problems related to excessive office noise. For this reason, many businesses are turning to CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions to install noise-reducing modular flooring tiles. Modular Flooring will absorb sound rather than allow noise to reverberate through your office. This sound absorption will reduce the overall noise level within the space, minimize auditory distractions, and improve effectiveness and morale in the working spaces.

Choose Many Stylish Design Options

Modular Flooring provides the benefit of allowing you to introduce a creative, new visual design to your workplace. Since we source our Modular Flooring from respected manufacturers, you will have access to many attractive designs. Modular Flooring gives you far greater customization selections than you would have from conventional broadloom flooring since you can mix and match the modular carpet squares.

Easily Keep Your Flooring Looking Its Best

With broadloom carpet, you would need to replace all your carpet to replace worn areas in your space. However, modular carpet allows you to replace just the areas that need it. This means you can keep the hallways and other high-traffic areas attractive with minimal effort or expense.

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Kevin Parks

Kevin has 30 years of experience in the Georgia market in flooring, textiles and furniture and is excited to be part of the CWC (AIS) team focusing on movable walls, sound masking and other acoustical solutions.

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