Choose Office Furniture that Complements the Modes of Work at Your Atlanta, GA, Office

Office Furniture Atlanta GABy selecting the right office furniture for your Atlanta, Georgia, workplace, you can help unlock the full potential of your staff. Herman Miller’s Living Office concept states that the key to workplace design is recognizing the distinct modes of work that take place within your office and then designing settings that support each activity. For instance, when members of your staff “converse,” they’ll be meeting to discuss a defined topic. The office furniture that encourages this activity might include a table that can comfortably seat two to four people, such as the Herman Miller Swag Leg Table, and chairs that look inviting, such as Eames Molded Plastic Chairs.

On the other hand, a mode of work such as “show and tell” calls for an entirely different arrangement of office furniture. The purpose of this activity is to share information among a large group of people, often by having a single person give a presentation. Because attendees may need to sit in this space for a prolonged period of time, it’s important that the area includes comfortable chairs, so that people won’t be distracted by discomfort or back pain, and can focus on the task at hand. Herman Miller Setu Chairs may be the ideal office furniture for this setting, because in addition to being comfortable, they also are designed to conform to each new person’s body type and posture without requiring them to adjust numerous controls.

Although collaborative spaces are highly important, you must also maintain spaces where the office furniture encourages individuals to “create,” focusing entirely on producing content. Because your Atlanta, GA, employees will likely spend a significant length of time in this space, ergonomic seating is a must. Your best option is a chair that they can customize in a wide variety of ways, like the Aeron Chair. This innovative work chair features a range of controls that lets the user set the pelvic support, tilt tension, and seat height so they can sit in a healthy, ergonomically correct position. And, if you really want to show an employee that you care about their well-being, outfit the space with other ergonomic office furniture such as the Renew Sit-to-Stand table, which will give them the option to work while standing.

These three modes of work – “converse,” “show and tell,” and “create” – are just three of the ten activities that Herman Miller has identified in the workplace. To find the ideal office furniture for the modes of work at your Atlanta, GA, office, contact CWC Office Furnishings today.

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