Use Your Office Furniture to Create a Living Office at Your Atlanta, GA, Workplace

Office Furniture Atlanta GAYour office furniture can help your Atlanta, Georgia, organization bring its strategy to life – this is a guiding principle of the Living Office concept advanced by Herman Miller. To make your workplace a Living Office, you’ll need to first recognize each of the activities that your employees engage in within your office environment. No matter what line of work you’re in, members of your staff will need to converse, co-create, and contemplate, working together and alone in a variety of ways. By arranging your office furniture in an optimal fashion, you can create distinct settings within the overall landscape that support these activities. For instance, Herman Miller calls a space where a person can focus on their work without distraction a “haven.” The area might consist of office furniture such as a table desk and adjustable seating in a private office, or a small workstation set apart by cubicle walls. Properly established, this space will be crucial to the productivity of your staff.

Another important setting is a “meeting space,” which is meant to facilitate the sharing of information, either between a single speaker and audience, or a group in conversation. Along with a conference table and chairs, other ideal office furniture in this setting might include lounge seating around the perimeter to allow additional parties to attend, and it should all be arranged so that everyone has a good view of the meeting taking place. Next, a “jump space” uses office furniture to provide approachable work points that can be used by employees as they transition between other settings, or by members of different teams who don’t normally work together. Because users won’t stay for long periods of time in this shared space, chairs such as the Herman Miller Setu Chair are ideal, because they conform automatically to each user’s body type and posture without requiring each new person to adjust a range of controls when they sit down.

In total, Herman Miller defines 10 distinct settings that you can incorporate into the landscape of your Living Office. To learn more about this innovative approach to workplace design, contact CWC Office Furnishings today. Founded in 1929, our company has a team of knowledgeable sales consultants who have, on average, more than 15 years of experience in the office furniture industry, and they are each well-versed in the Living Office concept. As a Certified Herman Miller Dealer, we can provide you with the premium office furniture and space planning advice that will help your Atlanta, GA, organization live up to its full potential.

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