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How to Adjust the Controls on Your Ergonomic Task Chair for Maximum Comfort

If you work long hours at a desk, you need a well-made task chair so that you can sit in an ergonomically friendly manner and avoid the neck and back pain that people so commonly experience in the workplace. But even the best office chair will fail to keep you comfortable unless you properly adjust its controls for your body type and posture. These days, task chairs have all sorts of advanced mechanisms for helping people sit comfortably throughout the workday. Here’s some advice on how to adjust some of the most common chair settings:

January 6, 2020
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Backrest Tilt & Tension

Many ergonomic office chairs have tilt and tension adjustments that give you the option to recline the chair’s backrest by applying pressure to it. These controls will enable you to shift your body around throughout the workday for comfort. With most task chairs, you can adjust the backrest’s tension by turning a knob located at the front of the chair.

Seat Height

Virtually all office computer chairs will allow you to raise or lower the seat’s height. Press a paddle or lever underneath the seat to set its height at the ideal position. The goal should be to have your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

Backrest Height

Adjust your backrest to set its curvature and lumbar support at the ideal height for your back. Loosen a knob located in the stem or frame of the backrest to move the backrest to the desired height.

Seat Depth

Seat depth controls let you move the chair’s seat forward or backward in relation to the backrest. Adjusting the seat depth on an office chair works very similarly to how it works in a car. You’ll want to place the seat depth so that there are two or three inches of space between the back of your calves and the front of the seat.

Arm Height

Proper placement of your armrests will depend on your height, posture, and current task at hand. If you’re doing a lot of typing, you’ll likely want your armrests in a different position than you would if you’re mostly using your computer’s mouse. In general, your armrests should be at elbow height, allowing you to rest your arms on them while still having your shoulders relaxed.

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