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Five Tips for Creating a More Pleasant Work Environment

March 25, 2020
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It may be easy to overlook the important role that your workplace plays in attracting potential employees to your business and enabling you to retain your existing talent. However, when you take the time (and allocate the necessary resources) to make sure that your work environment meets the core needs of your team members, there’s a good chance that you’ll see positive results in terms of employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

If you’re interested in improving your space, the five ways listed below are a great place to start. These ideas vary in the level of investment they would require, but all can pay meaningful dividends for your business if properly executed.

Improve Your Lighting

Studies have repeatedly shown that exposure to natural light is crucial to supporting a sense of wellness among workers. So, to the extent possible, try to maximize the use of the natural light your office receives by thoughtfully arranging the cubicles or desks you place near windows. And, especially if your workplace receives only a small amount of natural light, you may also want to consider setting up outdoor eating areas or implementing company policies that enable people to spend time outdoors in other ways during the workday to compensate for the natural light they may be lacking while they are seated in their main workspace.

Focus on Ergonomics

It’s difficult for people to concentrate on their work or feel too positive about their job when they are dealing with back and neck pain throughout the workday. However, an investment in ergonomic task chairs, keyboard trays, and adjustable computer monitors can help your employees maintain an ergonomically proper posture and feel more comfortable in the workplace as a result.

Incorporate Sit/Stand Desks

The health risks associated with regularly sitting for long periods of time are so severe that the Harvard Business Review has called sitting the smoking of our generation. The best way to help your team members avoid these risks is to supply them with sit/stand desks that enable them to work while standing during part of the day.

Let People Decide Where They Work

Sometimes, all it takes to spark some inspiration on a work project is a change in setting. For this reason, many employees appreciate having the flexibility to work not only at their primary desk, but also in a shared work area, designated “quiet space,” break room, or even at home if it feels like they could be the most productive there in a given moment.

Encourage Employee Interaction

Your employees need to have a certain level of familiarity with one another in order to effectively work together as a team. Find ways to promote interaction between the people in your office, whether it’s by replacing high-walled cubicles with collaborative benching systems, or through more subtle methods, such as adding free snacks and extra seating to your break room so that people are more likely to spend time there and get to know one another.

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