Choose DIRTT Modular Walls for Your Workplace in Atlanta, GA, Chattanooga, TN, or Other Areas Served

Modular Walls Atlanta GA | Chattanooga TNCWC Office Furnishings proudly offers DIRTT modular walls for businesses in Atlanta, Georgia, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and other areas. With a name that stands for Doing It Right This Time, DIRTT offers state-of-the-art alternatives to dividing areas in your office with ordinary walls made of drywall. Using ICE® – an innovative, 3D software platform – we’ll create custom walls for your office, designing them with the exact features, styles, and colors that you want. Among their many benefits, DIRTT walls look stunning and feature horizontal support for easily hanging cabinets, TV monitors, and shelves. Plus, they will allow you to reconfigure your workplace throughout the years without the dust and hassles that come with knocking down ordinary construction.

DIRTT modular walls are an ideal solution for corporate offices, healthcare facilities, educational centers, and retail businesses in Atlanta, GA, and Chattanooga, TN. To help you create a comprehensive plan for your workplace, we also offer the following DIRTT components:

  • Doors – Choose from many different styles of sliding doors, pivot doors, and butt-hinge doors with features such as automatic closers and designs that include frameless glass options.
  • Millwork – We can supply customizable, modular cabinetry with the ideal dimensions and finishes for any space in your office.
  • Power/network infrastructure – Your new walls will come pre-wired with power and data cords in the correct lengths, so our installers will only need to click the component parts into place, minimizing the need for costly electrical work.
  • Floors – In instances where the ceiling conditions limit your options for running power and data to the walls, our low-profile floors provide the perfect way for you to add or change a power and data infrastructure.

To discuss how DIRTT modular walls can help you achieve the sophisticated, highly functional, and sustainable workplace you want for your business, contact CWC Office Furnishings today. We proudly serve businesses throughout Atlanta, GA, Chattanooga, TN, and other areas.

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