The Importance of Planning an Attractive Reception Space

People commonly talk about the importance of first impressions. While they are generally referring to one person meeting another, it’s also important for your workplace to make a positive impression on guests who are visiting for the first time. The impression that people have of your workplace will influence their overall feeling toward your business. As the first part of your office that people will see when they make a trip to your workplace, your reception area plays a big part in determining how people will view your organization. If the space looks sophisticated, it will communicate that your company is successful, has good taste, and takes its work seriously.

For your reception space to have this kind of positive impact, it needs to be outfitted with attractive furniture that’s smartly arranged. There are many types of furniture that you can choose to include in this space. For seating, there are more options than you might imagine. There are chairs, sofas, settees, benches, chaise lounges, and more. Deciding between these options should depend on factors such as the look you want to create and the way that you anticipate people will use the space. Aside from seating, the furniture in the space can include reception counters, occasional tables, bookshelves, and credenzas. Some of this furniture serves a functional purpose while other is included mostly to enhance the aesthetic of the space.

Reception Furniture from CWC Office Furnishings

Whether you’re furnishing a reception space from scratch or simply looking to upgrade your existing setup, you can rely on CWC Office Furnishings for the premium furniture and expert support you require. In the years since our founding in 1929, we’ve furnished some of the most prestigious workplaces in the Southeastern United States, so you can be sure we’ll bring a high level of expertise to creating the ideal reception space for your business. As a Certified Herman Miller Network Dealer, we offer a complete collection of reception furniture from this industry-leading manufacturer widely praised for its sophisticated offerings. Contact us today to begin planning a stylish reception space for your business.