Creating an Open-Style Layout in Your Workplace

It’s an unfortunate reality that certain aspects of the modern workplace keep employees from realizing their full potential. One problem is that people, seated in high-wall cubicles or private offices, often find it difficult to connect. At a time when work trends make collaboration increasingly valuable, these figurative and literal barriers between workers are hurting their productivity and their employers’ bottom lines.

The Benefits of an Open Office

In recent years, many companies have moved toward using open-style office layouts in an effort to bring workers closer together so that they can more easily work on a collaborative basis. Instead of cubicles and private offices, these workplaces consist largely of collaborative-style benching systems, which seat employees together in a group setting with few barriers between them. These setups can certainly make people feel more connected and increase the likelihood that they will discuss a work issue in the spur of the moment. As an added benefit, this type of open-style office can allow employers to seat a higher number of workers within a given space so that they can maximize the use of their available square footage.

Is an Open Office Right for Your Business?

If you’re considering implementing an open-style layout, it’s important to remember that you need to be thoughtful in your approach. This type of layout is only appropriate for people doing certain kinds of work, and it can have negative consequences if poorly implemented. As with any workplace planning, the goal should be to create spaces that will foster the specific types of work that people will perform there. If your employees exclusively do focus-intensive work and could see their productivity suffer due to even minor distractions, then they probably require a cubicle or private office. If they mostly work on a collaborative basis but must sometimes do focus-intensive work, such as writing reports, you may want to consider seating them at a collaborative benching station while also providing them with a private place where they can retreat to perform their most detail-oriented work without distraction.

Choosing the right furniture is also important in this process. For instance, you can select benching systems that have small barriers between workstations to help give employees some privacy within the collaborative space. Working with a knowledgeable dealership will be key to reviewing all of your options and finding the right furniture for your business.

CWC Office Furnishings Can Set Your Business Up for Success

Whether you’re establishing an open-style workplace from scratch or are looking to transition an existing setup, you can rely on CWC Office Furnishings for the premium-quality furniture and expert support services you require. We’re a full-service office furniture dealership that has served countless businesses in Georgia and Tennessee in the years since our founding in 1929, and we offer a wide variety of collaborative furniture made by renowned brands, such as Herman Miller. Contact us today for any assistance you require to create a workplace where your employees will thrive.