Comparing the Different Types of Reception Seating

When you’re furnishing a reception space, the goal is to create an environment that will make your visitors feel comfortable and reflect well on your business. One important part of this project is deciding what seating to include. You should take a variety of factors into account when comparing your options, including the size of your space, the number of people you’ll need to accommodate, and the look you want to create. Below is information about the most common types of reception seating – hopefully, it’s useful to you as you work to decide between your options.

Guest Chairs

These are the basic waiting room chairs you can find in all sorts of medical facilities and corporate offices. They are available with or without arms and are also commonly used as guest seating alongside desks in private offices. To ensure that you can accommodate all members of the general public, you may want to select bariatric guest chairs, which will support more weight than the industry norm. And, if you’ll regularly need to reconfigure the setup of your reception space, stackable guest chairs will make it easier for you to transport the chairs and store them when they’re not in use.

Club Chairs

If you want your reception space to be as comfortable as possible for your guests, then club chairs are likely the right choice for you. They typically have more padding than ordinary guest chairs, which makes them ideal for spaces where visitors have to wait for long periods of time. To help your visitors stay productive while they wait, you can choose club chairs with built-in arm tablets that provide a flat surface your guests can use to fill out forms or work on a laptop computer. In addition, many club chairs have a stylish appearance that can give your waiting space the contemporary aesthetic you desire.


To make your visitors feel more at home while they wait, consider including one or more sofas in your reception area. These couches have the durability needed for commercial use, and they can comfortably seat several people at once. In contrast, loveseats are like sofas but smaller, and they are made to fit two people instead of three.

Tandem Seating

Also called multi-chair sets, tandem seating consists of two, three, or more guest chairs connected at the legs and/or arms. Beam seating is a variation of tandem seating that connects multiple chairs with a beam that runs underneath or alongside the chairs.

We’ll Create the Perfect Reception Space for Your Business

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