The Benefits of Access Flooring

Access flooring is being used more and more in workplaces across the country. The main advantage of this flooring is that it enables you to easily run power and data cables to any locations you want within your workplace. The floor panels actually sit multiple inches above the floor to create an empty space underneath that’s shielded from view. Within this empty space, you can run cables more easily than you could if they were located in traditional walls. You can also rearrange the cables later, if needed.

While access flooring is a sensible choice for many different businesses, it’s especially useful in data centers. Businesses that have rooms full of server equipment must keep this technology cool to prevent it from becoming damaged, and access flooring makes this a far more manageable task. By installing access flooring with a perforated surface, data center owners can strategically direct airflow to the equipment. This access flooring can also be specially designed to hold the heavy weight of this equipment and make it easier to roll the servers around on the flooring.

Access Flooring from CWC

If you’re interested in having access flooring installed in your workplace in Georgia or Tennessee, look to the experts at CWC Office Furnishings. We’re one of the region’s premier dealerships offering access flooring from top manufacturers. These flooring options are available in a range of profile heights, enabling you to gain the exact amount of space you need under your access floor. And they are built to be installed quickly to minimize the installation costs associated with the project.

Contact CWC Office Furnishings today to learn more about the different types of access flooring we can install. We’re proud to provide these and other innovative workplace solutions to the businesses we serve throughout the southeastern United States.