Use Your Office Furniture to Promote Teamwork at Your Business in Atlanta, GA

Office Furniture Atlanta GAHow can your office furniture encourage collaboration at your workplace in Atlanta, Georgia? If you’ve been asking yourself this question, you’re not alone. Businesses across the country have recognized in recent years how important it is for members of their staff to collaborate effectively on tasks, and they’ve sought out office furniture strategies that help promote teamwork.

The desire for effective workplace communication explains the popularity of so-called “open office plans,” which eschew private offices and high-walled cubicles in favor of benching systems and similar community-based furniture. The benefit of these types of floor plans is that they make your employees feel free to strike up a conversation with one another so they can solve a spur-of-the-moment problem, co-create content, or collaborate on an ongoing project. Unlike the traditional office furniture strategy that arranges desks within cubicle walls, benching systems seat employees in rows and often across from one another. Depending on your office, you may even want to forgo assigned seating for your benching systems, allowing people to sit wherever they like at a particular time, making it easier for them to complete a shared assignment or train each other on a new skill in your workplace in Atlanta, GA.

But even the most collaborative workplace will need spaces where people can retreat to concentrate intently on their individual tasks or take a phone call without being distracted by the noise in the main work floor. You’ll also want to use your office furniture to create spaces where a small group of people can gather to discuss work without distraction. People will need to come and go freely in this setting, so you can use office furniture such as a tall table – the Herman Miller Everywhere Table is a perfect example – and stools, such as Setu Stools, which will allow people who are standing and those who are sitting to be at eye-level with one another.

For more advice on how to create a collaborative work environment, contact CWC Office Furnishings today. The furniture experts on our staff have, on average, more than 15 years of experience in the office furniture industry, and they will gladly help you design an open office floor plan for your workplace in Atlanta, GA. As a Certified Herman Miller Dealer, CWC can also supply whatever Herman Miller office furniture you may need.