Arrange Your Office Furniture Strategically to Unlock the Potential of Your Atlanta, GA, Staff

Office Furniture Atlanta GAYour office furniture should do more than just provide the staff of your Atlanta, Georgia, office with a sufficient place to sit and work. It should create an overall environment that embodies your organizational strategy and makes it easier for your firm to accomplish its goals.

If your company is like most others, one of your goals is to increase collaboration among the members of your staff. If this is a top priority for your firm, then you may want to consider transitioning to an open office floor plan. Increasingly popular in recent years, this style of workplace looks vastly different than a traditional office setting. It’s a space that eschews private offices and cubicles in favor of office furniture such as benching systems, which keep employees in sight of one another and in a position where they feel free to converse. Whether your employees need to discuss a project, co-create content, or solve a spur-of-the-moment problem, an open office floor plan uses furniture to encourage the effective communication that is required to get the job done.

But, there can be downsides to arranging your furniture in an open office plan. By removing all cubicles and private work areas, you may make it more difficult for some members of your Atlanta, GA, staff to concentrate, and you may see their productivity suffer as a result. There certainly are trade-offs with any change, and you will need to gauge how important some goals – e.g. improved communication – are compared to others. No two businesses have the exact same priorities, so no two businesses need their furniture arranged in the exact same way.

If you would like assistance creating a strategic office furniture plan at your workplace, contact CWC Office Furnishings today. Founded in 1929, our company has been named the #1 Office Furniture Dealership in Atlanta, GA, for 13 consecutive years by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, and we’re uniquely qualified to meet any of your furniture needs.