How to Arrange the Furniture at Your Atlanta, GA, Office Workplace in an Open-Office Floor Plan

Office Furniture Atlanta GAWhen you arrange the office furniture in your Atlanta, GA, office in an open-office floor plan, you help create an environment in which people feel comfortable about collaborating with their co-workers. Instead of hiding members of your team away behind the walls of private offices, this style of office design keeps people visible, seated at workstations, desking systems, or benching systems, with minimal partitions separating them from one another. In designing such an environment, you may even decide to forgo assigned seating altogether, enabling team members to conveniently drop in on one another at any time to work together on a project.

As you decide whether an open-office layout is right for your business, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all floor plan. While many organizations have enjoyed increased productivity after switching to this type of floor plan, you should create your office furniture plan in Atlanta, GA, according to your unique organizational needs. Esteemed office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller emphasizes this point strongly with its Living Office philosophy, which recommends that you first identify all of the distinct modes of work that take place at your workplace, and then create unique settings that are tailor-made for each one. For example, while people will enjoy having office furniture settings that accommodate collaboration, they will also likely need spaces where they can retreat to work on individual tasks without distraction. Whether they need to participate in a conference call or focus intently on a solo assignment, they will likely work best in a space that is isolated to some extent by partitions, or in a private office.

For expert advice on how to create an open office furniture plan for your workplace in Atlanta, GA, contact CWC Office Furnishings today. The sales consultants and CAD designers at our showroom all have a deep understanding of Herman Miller’s Living Office approach to workplace design. Plus, as a Certified Herman Miller Dealer, we can supply you with any items from Herman Miller’s diverse catalog of collaborative office furniture.