Choose Medical Record Trolleys from CWC Office Furnishings for Your Healthcare Facility in Atlanta, GA

Medical Record Trolleys Atlanta GABy providing your staff members in Atlanta, Georgia, with quality medical record trolleys, you can help them easily access the patient records they need when they need them. At CWC Office Furnishings, we offer record trolleys in many different configurations, ensuring that we can supply ones that have the size, look, and functionality you require.

Like with all of our healthcare furniture and equipment, our record trolleys are top-of-the-line products made by trusted brands. Our trolleys are available with many useful features, including:

  • Lockable lids that will secure sensitive files from unauthorized access and provide a flat work surface on which your medical staff can fill out documents
  • Easy-to-grip handles that will allow your staff members to maneuver the trolleys with minimal effort
  • Nonporous surfaces that can be easily sanitized to prevent contamination
  • Storage bins that provide space for keeping basic medical supplies on the trolley in addition to medical records
  • Built-in waste bins that will ensure your staff members in Atlanta, GA, will always have a container nearby for discarding garbage

In addition to medical record trolleys, we offer many different types of technology carts. These carts simplify the process of integrating technology into your patient care, allowing for easier accessing and recording of information.

For more information about our medical record trolleys, technology carts, and other products, contact CWC Office Furnishings today. We would be happy to help you compare the various options that are available for your medical facility in Atlanta, GA, so you can make an informed investment.