CWC Offers a Diverse Selection of Exam Tables for Healthcare Providers in Atlanta, GA

Exam Tables Atlanta GAThe exam tables you choose for your medical facility in Atlanta, Georgia, should help facilitate the examinations you need to perform. Because there are so many different exams that patients may need to undergo, there are a variety of examination tables available for healthcare providers. At CWC Office Furnishings, we offer a diverse selection of examination tables to ensure that our knowledgeable staff can pair you with ones that are ideally suited to your specialty.

Our exam tables are available with the following useful features:

  • Manual and electronic backrests that help patients comfortably lie in the ideal position for the exam that is being performed
  • Pull-out leg rests that will let patients lie down during examinations
  • Integrated cabinets with lockable drawers you can use to store medical supplies and secure them from unauthorized access
  • Nonporous surfaces that make it easier to maintain a sanitary environment
  • Many different upholstery styles and other design options, so you can choose exam tables that complement the other furniture in your examination rooms

As a dealership that serves a wide range of healthcare providers in Atlanta, GA, we offer numerous other types of medical furniture. We can supply patient chairs, reception seating, nurses’ stations, mobile technology carts, and more.

To learn more about our selection of exam tables and other healthcare furniture, contact CWC Office Furnishings today. Also be sure to visit our expansive 178,000-square-foot showroom facility in Atlanta, GA.